Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Who Are You To Judge Me?

Can you judge who is the better person out of these three?

Mr A
1. He had friendship with bad politicians
2. He consulted astrologers
3. He had two wives
4. He was a chain smoker
5. He took alcohol eight to 10 times a day

Mr B
1. He was kicked out of office twice
2. He would sleep from morning till noon
3. He used opium in college
4. He drunk whiskey every evening

Mr C
1. He was a decorated war hero
2. He was a vegetarian
3. He never smoked
4. He never took alcohol  
5. He never cheated on his wife
6. He was a painter

You would choose Mr. C, right?

However, here is the sad revelation:
Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt! ( 32nd President of the USA)

Mr. B was Winston Churchill! (Former British Prime Minister)


Strange but true! It's risky to judge anyone by their habits!
Character is a complex phenomenon.

So every person in your life is important. Very important! Don't judge them, ACCEPT them.

The same boiling water that hardens the egg, softens the potato! It merely depends upon the individual's reaction to stressful circumstances!

Enjoy the journey of LIFE as you keep ACCEPTING others as they are!

How ToThis Keep YourSelves Safe This Festive Period

I have been telling myself i needed to make this post. But my bad phone has not made it possible to do that.

But tonight after reading what happened to Helena, I know I have to make this post for our own safety. This is for girls especially.

A few days ago,  I gave my sister a long list of instructions and things not to do this period.

1. If you take public transport and you use an iPhone or a high end Samsung phone, DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE in the bus. That ping can wait. That Facebook message can wait. That phone call can wait. That chat can wait till you alight.  Someone can decide to trace you and follow you till you get to a quiet location just because they noticed your phone.

Please I beg you. I have been robbed more than 3 times this year. It breaks you. You almost never recover. Do not fall victim. The country is hard as hell for most. Lagos especially is going to get worst. The Lagos state government has been crushing bikes.

Last week in ikorodu alone, they collected over 300 bikes to be crushed. That is 300 extra jobless youths in ikorodu. 300 extra possible theifs. And no they won't restrict their activities to ikorodu alone. YOU HAVE TO BE VERY VERY CAREFUL.

2. Do not go out with large sums of money. Do not have more than 5k with you at any point if you don't drive. Do not go out with your atm cards that have large sums of money in the account. Last year, a Facebook friend was robbed in a bus. She was held at gun point in a bus while the second  theif took her atm to the machine and withdrew her Money.

Do not go out with your atm with large sums. Do not. Do not oh. I can not warn you enough.

3. Set up your USSD transfer code on all your accounts with money. Set it up TONIGHT even if you don't plan using it!

If you don't understand why, scroll back to a post I made Last week when my friend John Essien lost all his money because of that.

4. Use POS as much as possible. Do transfers as much as possible. Especially for large sums. NO CASH POLICY THIS SEASON! hold enough just to transport and feed yourself.

5. Do not stay out late. If it's 8pm, please sleep wherever you are. Stay with a friend. Stay with a family. But avoid all night movement unless you are going in group.

6. Do not take cabs that are not uber, taxify or Lagos city cabs. DO NOT! And when your uber or taxify arrives, make sure the plate number on the car matches the plate number on the uber app.  If it doesn't, DO NOT ENTER. EVEN IF THE DRIVER GIVES STUPID REASONS LIKE HE JUST CHANGED HIS CAR AND SHIT, DO NOT ENTER UNLESS THE PLATE NUMBER MATCHES.

7. Always always always let at least one person know  where to find you. Either friend or family. You must inform one person of all your movement at any time. Have check in times with your friends and family.

If I am out all day, I have to call my sister by 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and just before I sleep. If I miss any call, she would call me . And if I don't pick, then she would know something is wrong and vice versa.
Get a friend or sibling who you have to check in with EVERY TIME YOU ARE OUT ALL DAY. You might think it's too much stress, but trust me it's a life saver!!! Even if its only for December period and you live in Lagos, na beg i dey beg You, please do it. I do not want to lose any friend this year.

8. Get a pepper spray. And your pepper spray should NEVER be in your bag when you are out. NEVER. If your pepper spray is always in your bag, it's useless and counter productive. You can not use a pepper spray in your bag when you are being attacked. Your bag should  be in one hand when you are out,  and your pepper spray in the other hand. Buy the small ones on Ali express. They are very very handy!!! Your phone has NO BUSINESS BEING IN YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU ARE IN PUBLIC.  I know you like to show off your high end iPhone and Samsung. But this is NOT THE TIME for show offs. Keep your phone IN YOUR BAG until you get to a secured place. Bag in one hand.... pepper spray on the other hand. ALWAYS. DAY AND NIGHT. THAT SHOULD BE YOUR NEW FASHION IF YOU DON'T DRIVE. NEW FASHION . ROCK IT.

9. Last but not the least, if for any reason at all, you have to move at night with no car, buy a pen knife. Your pen knife should be in your hands at night. Do not be afraid to USE IT IF YOU ARE GETTING ATTACKED.

I do hope that you all keep safe and avoid getting hurt. All these are not foolproof. But I hope it keeps at least one person safe.

~ Written by Omotoyosi



This bit added by me. 👇👇👇👇

10. When driving, ensure you have your windows all closed up. I have been attacked in traffic in the past and that was because I was in a lonely place in traffic with the window at the driver's seat down. My slippery escape was acting as though I wanted to give in to the thief, told him I wanted to pack. This lowered his guard. At this slight opportunity, I sped away.

11. Please do not showcase valuables in your car. This are often eye-catchers for thieves. A friend told me of how his IPad was snatched in traffic because he was using it during traffic.


Please stay safe, stay  protected.